Very easy to remove Forgot Android Pattern Lock and password?

Very easy to remove Forgot Android Pattern Lock and password?

Forgot pattern lock on Android or can’t remember your Forgot password generator? Having trouble accessing the device because of a pattern lock or password generator forgotten? Today we have come up with two solutions for you

Solution-1: solution Forgot pattern and Forgot password


For this purpose, the Internet connection of the set must be activated. Make the wrong input 5 times. Then an option will come up, Forgot Pattern? Open it. After opening your Google Account ie Gmail ID and password generator will be asked. Input exactly. You will be prompted to enter a new pattern lock at the end of your login to Gmail ID successfully. Activate the new pattern and draw a pattern that is easy to remember. Many times these processes can be accurate to your mobile Locked in.

password generator Solution-2:

So the 2nd solution may be the last and proper solution for you. No internet connection required. At this point, there is no way to factory restore the device. At this time you have to do a factory restoration. It is good to say that it will take over your entire mobile format. In installed software, there will be no phone number or message. Learn how to reset the system hard.

  1. First, make sure that your device has sufficient charge so that the set is not closed during the process.
  2. Turn off the device and set it on by pressing Volume up + power button or Down + power button simultaneously.

This will take you to the recovery mode. In addition to the recovery mode, some other combinations of sets of companies can work:

how to reset the system hard Forgot pattern Forgot password


  1. Click Volume Down + Volume Up + Power button.
  2. Button Volume Down + Power button.
  3. Volume Up + Power button.
  4. Home + Power button + Volume Up
  5. Volume Up + Camera button.
  6. Home + Camera button.
  7. Home + Power button.

I’m sure any of the above 7 combinations will work. After you turn on the device with that combination, you will go into recovery mode. Select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” .. (In this case the volume up down key has to be selected ..) Then select YES from No and YES.

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