Online earning by mobile phone free blog sdtrick

Online earning by mobile phone free blog sdtrick

Mobile is now possible to earn money online due to its main reason is the increase in mobile users worldwide. Our country is not lagging in that direction. In our country, almost everyone has mobile phones now. According to statistics, there are around 15 million mobile phones in the hands of 16 million people in Bangladesh. Here, everyone except the children has a smartphone. Then why cannot you have the opportunity for employment by mobile phone? easy way to earn money online without investment by free blog

So today I will tell you how to do with your mobile phone

You can earn very easy ways and with some important tips that you can stay ahead of others. So if you really want to earn money by mobile you must read the entire posture carefully.

I hope that all of you carefully read the whole post.

¤ Online earning by free blog mobile phone

Increasingly with the use of smartphones increased internet usage Now almost all the people in the country use the Internet in some way. The result of this has increased the way of different employment opportunities. Now sitting in the house and using the smartphone you use, you can earn thousands of taka. Many of those who have already been successful. You can also do. You have to find the right way. If you find the right way and work properly, then I promise you that you will be able to earn thousands of money at the end of the month. But the amount of money is not specific, because it will depend entirely on your type of work and your time and effort.

But I can give a small idea that if you work part-time then you can earn an estimated 5 to 20 thousand rupees even more. And if you work full time then the amount of money will be 2 to 3 times.

Again, you should also say that if you do not know the right way, do not understand the work in the opposite direction, then the time is going on time but the money is not getting income.

So, with very caution, you have to move forward-thinking.

If you want to earn a good amount of money at the end of the month with your mobile phone, you must work hard at the regular time.

Keep in mind that no one will ever come to give you money. You have to earn money through your labor and hard work. So, of course, you have to work hard.

And yes, I’m so mobile with a mobile phone but it does not have to be any mobile, it must be a smartphone.

I will now tell you the ways that you can wear them all with great attention. Then choose what you feel best and will be perfect for you, then try to get as much knowledge as possible on that topic.

√ Blog income by online earning mobile phone

Online earning by mobile phone free blog sdtrick
free blog

Many of you know what the blog is Even if you do not know, then the blog is a website, that you are reading this article on my website. This is a blog site or blog website. This means that the type of article or article posted on the website or blogs are published to the blog website.


Some of the popular blog sites of Bangladesh are Techtunes, Somewhereinblog, Adikarabidi, etc.

If you are a bit scary about these sites, then hopefully the blog site will be fully gathered.

These sites require thousands of visits to visitors (those who enter the site for posting various posts) because these sites are written on many topics of human needs. Every day there is a need for some people. And regularly writing blogs about good new topics. As a result, the popularity of their sites is increasing day by day.

And because of their popularity, they have the opportunity to promote various types of advertisements on their sites. There are numerous advertiser websites to advertise on the blog, from which anyone can take advertisements for their own website. The most popular and trusted among these are GoogleAdsense. Most of the websites in the world chose Google Adsense for advertising.

When Google AdSense is showcased on the blog, the visitors of that blog will see that ad and click on those ads, so Google Adsense gives money to those website owners.

It is worth mentioning here that the more people who will enter the site, the more visitors visit the site, the more likely it will be to click the ads and the more money they earn, the more money will be the rule.
A few ideas about how some popular blog site earns monthly in Bangladesh

1 / Techtunes: This is a technology blog. The number of monthly visitors to TechTeans is 233340 and they earn about $ 559 per month, which is about Tk 44720 in Bengali money. And their income is about $ 6799 per year, which is about 54,392 taka in Bengali money.

2 / SocialWeb: It is also a Technology Blog site. This is also a popular blog in Bangladesh. The social visitor’s number 385830 of SamwarvnBlog and their monthly income is approximately $ 1021, which is approximately Tk 81680 in Bengali money. And their income is $ 12417, which is approximately Tk 992,960 in Bengali money.

3 / educate: This is an education blog. These sites are quite popular in Bangladesh. Its monthly visitor number is about 316440 and its monthly income is approximately $ 660, which is about Tk 52800 in Bengali money. And it’s household income.

√ The easy way online earning with a free blog

Now it is clear that how much money can be earned from a blog site and if there is no word in English then income will be two to three times more. Because if you are on the English site your visitor will be mostly in Europe, America’s advertising price and CPC are far more in comparison with this, so many fewer visitors are earning more in English free blog.
Do your work and how to create a blog site.

Now you can make a blog site by yourself if you wish. Then you can write on your blog a topic on your blog and get more visitors to your free blog. But for that, you must be much more patient. And regularly go to your site to write more on new topics.

This can be a real-time income source for you if you can post your site with a little trouble early on and post a good amount of good visitors.

And now it is not difficult to create a free blog. If anyone wishes, the entire free website can also create a website. However, or if you want live-time support then it is better to buy it. But you can start with free first.

Starting from creating a free blog site, all the activities of the site are now possible through a mobile phone.

If you wish, you can create a website with your mobile phone in just 10 minutes and work from today. For creating websites, WordPress can be the perfect solution.

If there is any problem or any problem, comment in the comment box below, we will try to help us as much as possible. InshaAllah
Article Writing (Article writing)

About $ 8034, which is about 6427220 in Bengali money

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