How to start a blog ? Blogger beginning knowledge part 1

How to start a blog ? Blogger beginning knowledge part 1

What is starting a Blog and blogger?

Welcome everyone to the 1st stage of making our blog site, Before making this blog my blog site today, there are some things to know about what the blog is, What is blogging, what is blogger, Must have knowledge about the history of blogs or blogging. We need to know what we are doing, what it means, so since we are starting from the beginning all should know. how to start a blog

Write a series of events in your daily life or a specific incident Or write a consistently written article on any other subject Sharing online with everyone Who is called blogging. And on the websites that are published these articles are consistently released The website is called the blog. And there will be a user registration system and they will share their opinions through registration. Blog websites and websites are a difference that you can understand. And you can do a blogging topic. son any topic if you know about technology, you can write about technology. If you are good at sports, then you can write about sports. You can write about the subject that you think is appropriate.

What is a blogger?

those who write blogs are coaled, bloggers. A blogger can share his known issues with his blog site with his own opinion. Blog History: On 17 December 1997, The first person to be called “John Burger” The word ‘weblog was invented. Later, ‘Peter Menthol His own blog, Petram .com, made a comedy of ‘ weblog ‘ Share the word and say ‘blog

In April or March of 1999. Since then, the use of the word ‘blog’ has continued to grow. One person named Evan Williams blog The word is respectively Use the ‘noun and ‘verb’. He invented the word ‘Blogger’. Before the popularity of ‘blogging’, ‘digital community Or ‘online communication Among its other popular means were Usenet, Genie, Bi, CompuServe, BBS, etc. These are popular for the time being with the help of these very difficulties running conversation-Its work was done. But modern blogging with the help of this, people can now easily manage social communication. Who is blogging, They are called bloggers. Bloggers are usually themselves ‘Diarists or ‘Journalese’. He could say that. Justin Hall, Who started personal blogging in 1994. Then he used to read ‘Swarthy College’. He is considered the oldest blogger in blogging history. Some of the popular blogs running at the time  ‘Jerry Melbourne and ‘Dave Winners’- Its personal blog was one of the most important. These were the oldest ones and the long-running popular blogs. As the popularity of blogging increases, its demand continues to grow. It adds various technologies.

Blog History create a blog

Since 1999, blogging- Its popularity has increased and it still has. Bruce Zebulon is a person In October 1998, ‘Open Diary Opens a blog called and the popularity of his blog increased overnight. Thousands of bloggers join their blog and this is the first blog community where other bloggers write the opportunity to comment. Apart from Evan Williams and Meg Houri who worked at Pray Labs,  In 1999 they launched their own blog site  “”, which Google bought in February of 2003. This blog’s history has been collected from SD trick For all these details, visit the trick’s page.

Where there is a facility to create a blog site that is, the web site can be started on a blog site the place or site is called a blogging platform. Currently, the most popular blogging platform is WordPress and Blogger. There are also more blogging platforms that are not so popular Search Google for more blogging platforms.

Start a Blog platform:

About Start Blogger.Com is a free blogging platform from Google where you spend without any money open a blog and start blogging. I have learned about my blog history section Blogger dot com was not Google before It was a company called Pigeon Lab which Google bought in February 2003. After Google has purchased it, they transfer to their servers And it was earlier known as Blog spot (Blogspot).

most popular most



Benefits of

1. This is a free start a blog platform. 2. Here you will find all the free ones except the domain

What is Web Hosting Re what is Domain details?

3. Blogger has some own theme/templates or designs and some paid and free themes are online using which can give the beautiful look of the site. Your Blog until then as long as it is safe your G mail ID It’s okay. Until your Gmail ID hacked anyone nobody can do anything on your blog. 5. You will get a free subdomain when you create a blog that allows you to run the site after that you can add your own domain. Besides, you also have Google AdSense for blogging on their bloggers you get an opportunity to earn from AdSense.

Do you start a Blog?

Some problems in start blogger

Blogger dot com has some difficulty which you can use who is it that difficulties It does not say anything. Blogger template means that design is not as good as it may look like, Next comes the function of the blog which can be done in the blog but in WordPress, you will get various functions or benefits through which blog sites can make more interesting. There are also some things you can use to know.

 If you are new then you will start with blogger dot com. your blogging to start blogger dot com will be very good and enough for your start. After that, if you ever think that my other platform means that WordPress will need to go then you can easily back up the contents of your content and add it to WordPress. Stay tuned with us till this time we will meet in the next episode. The next post will be published again SDtrick and my site.


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