How To Create Free Website or Blog

How To Create Free Website or Blog

Hope you are well. Learn how to create a blog or website in our Today’s Traffic How To Create Blog or Website Free Free. It is easy but it will be a little difficult for those who don’t know. However, you can create your own website in just 5 minutes after wearing this post. That’s why Google offers us so that we can create a free website or blog. But before that we know what a website is and what is the difference between a website and a blog.

What a website and what a blog

A website is a company that deals with just one topic, for example Facebook. Because Facebook’s job is to connect people all over the world with its friends.A blog is a small website where you can discuss a lot of traffic. There is no need for a company. For example you can catch this site. Almost everyone thinks that he knows what a website is and that’s how he is right. But when people start talking in the same breath as a website on a webplay, they get it wrong.

The webpostal is actually a website, but after reading this article on the webportal and the website you will find much appreciation in content and services.


Why Should a Website (Blog) be Created

If you think people all over the world know you need to have a website to share all your stuff with them. Below are some examples.3) If you want to be famous to everyone2) Want to earn money online3) If you want to do a business3) If you want to share your talent with everyone. A company’s website is a collection of all the information and information about the company on different pages that includes or includes a domain name. A website is defined as a gateway or a gateway into a portal dictionary containing text, images and videos. In this way a webportal, besides the website, acts as an access point for the Internet.

If you share your talents by purchasing a website or blog, then people from anywhere in the world will be able to see it. As you are now reading my post on how to create a website or blog for free. That’s how you can create a website.

What do you need to create a Website|

You must have an email to create a website or blog if you have an email If not, create with Google and you need Computer or Laptop or Mobile. How To Create A Free Blog |You do not have to do much to create a blog on Blogspot. You just follow the post in 5 minutes your blog will be gone.

1) First login to with your email. Many times you will see the email at the top.

2) Click next here with your password.

5) Now a new page will be open here, select Create Your Blogger.

5) Now the page will be open here, give your name means the name of the person who will post on your blog. As I did, click Continue to Blogger.

1) Now you can reach the blog side, click Create New Blog.

4) This page will be open.* Name your page first as I have given Bangla Help Trips* Enter the address of your side here. Remember that the name on your side is similar to the one I gave If an error occurs, please make some changes. There are many free blogs so error can come* Choose one of the templates below. Choose from above to see and understand the benefits will change later.Now click on Create Blog.

Your website blog is trumped and can post. View in the picture by posting from here.

So with Google’s help we can freeze the website. I hope you and a blog side have been awakened this time by posting and sharing with everyone, but if there is any problem, please let us know in the comment box.

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