How to Create Free Blog Site With Blogger Part 2

How to Create Free Blog Site With Blogger Part 2

I hope everyone is well, and welcome everyone in the second half of the blog site. Today’s episode we will look at how to create a free blog site with Blogger. Those who did not read the post of the last two episodes, fall in.

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How to Create Free Blog Site With Blogger Part

We do not have to worry about creating our free blog site. If we just have a Gmail, we can start working on creating a blog site. Follow the steps below to create a blog site.

1. First, enter with Blogger.Com

2. Then click CREATE YOUR BLOG. How-to-Create-a-Free-Blog-Site-With-Blogger-Part-2-1.png

3. Now select the Gmail that you want to create a blog site with Gmail.

4. Here’s your name, this name is your blog profile.

5. Enter Create New Blog again.


7. Here you will find three options.

Title: The title will give a title to your web site that means title.

Address: This is also your site name, your site address where your site will get your site. It will be given in the box, you can name it and take it unavailable, that means it took another site by the name and check for another.

Theme: The theme of the theme is Design Layout, select one of your sites now and then we will be designing a theme or templates that are downloaded.

How to Create Free Blog Site With Blogger make money

6. After you make these steps easier to complete your blog site. Visit the site that gave the name you see for your site. For example, is my site link.

Dashboard Contact with blogger;

The dashboard is the admin mode of your site, you can do whatever you do here. From here you can control the blog site I created. In the dashboard, you will get eight options. There are a few more options in this eight and will be discussed in detail in a detailed step by step.
  • 1.Post: In this section, you will see posts you see on your posts, etc.
  • 2.Stats: Here you can check the visitor of your website, from where it is coming, how many views have been posted, etc.
  • 3.Comments: Here you can see and control comments posted on your post.
  • 4. Earning: If you are getting Adsense on your site then you can see your drawing here.
  • 5.Pages: In this section, you can create the necessary pages for your website, delete it, etc.
  • 6.Layout: Here you can customize the layout of your current template, which is here.
  • 7.Theme: In this section, you can upload your downloaded templates.
  • 8.Setting: Here are the basic settings of the site that will be posted one by one.

You have been able to acquire some knowledge about running your own blog site. Now your job is to cooperate with the site’s dashboard until you find the next post.

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