How to Create Blog | Setup Blogger Basic Setting { sdtrick blogger part 4 }

How to Create Blog | Setup Blogger Basic Setting { sdtrick blogger part 4 }

I hope everyone is well, welcome to all of you in this fourth phase of blogging by blogger. I’m sorry to post this post a little late on your own business. So today we are going to learn about some basic blogging settings that need to be run on our site.

Ideas about setting up a blogger blog site

To make all of this our basic settings, you must log in to the Blogger dashboard and go to the dashboard and then you will get your setting there.

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1. Blogging, blogging, Blogger Basic Setting:

1. What is blogging, blogging, blogging? 2. How to Create a Free Blog Site. 3. Basic setting of the site
4. Dashboard Introduction. 5. How to post on the site, discuss all posting tools, how to create a category, post delete, etc. 6. Theme uploads and customizations on the site. 7. The lightweight thin SEO of the site is what I know. 8. Arango’s way to the site. 9. How to create pages and add menubar to the blogger site. 10. All other things that take time to work, we will do it one by one

Title: Title Option can change the title/title of your site from here.

Description: This site is about to write a few lines about our site. We did not do it here.

Privacy: The privacy option is left for Google search engine to show your site in Google and it will not show off.

2. Blogger Publishing:

Blog Address: We think many times the name of the site is not needed to change it, then you can do it here. And see below. This option is yours to add a domain or you can add a free domain.

3.HTTPS: The URL of our website can be secured or unsuspected. This means that you can determine whether the site’s URL is https: //techswety.blogspot or whether it is

3. Blogger Permissions:

Blog Author: Many times we want to give permission to write another person as a writer who is in WordPress, just like this, with this option you can make a writer as you like. For this, by clicking Add Author, you will email the author, then the person will get a request, that means an email will be sent to a link, and if you set up all of them, then you will become the author.

Blog Readers: You can identify who can read your blog from here.

Post, Comments and Sharing Settings

1. Blogger Post:

Show at most: The home page of our blog can set how many posts are posted here.

Post Template: We need these options later, we will keep these options as such. This is to add different designs or templates to the posting page.

Showcase images with Lightbox: You can set how images of our site can be set here. It will not need to be kept as it is.

2. Blogger Comments:

Comment Location: How to see the comments section can be set from here.

Who can comment: Who can comment on your blog post can be set here.

Comment Moderation: If anyone comments on your blog by this option, then you can make the system for the infraction. If someone comments before you will want to be unfavorable.

Show word verification: I did not even understand this option work, maybe it would be a good comment by verifying the comments of the abuse.

Most popular post link



Comment Form Message: If someone comments, they can set what message they can see here.

I’ll start by looking at those settings that we’ll see in the rest of the other settings. We hope to see the post as well. Stay with us.

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