Do you know the website information of 15 million people is now close to phisap

Do you know the website information of 15 million people is now close to phisap

Who like me who has gifted the beautiful face of the great creature to get old and caught up on Facebook?
Did you know that the information of 15 million people is now close to Facebook, and if you want to do that, you can do that easily.
Although these users are now collecting data on their own pasApaps. And they say these website information or some one they are. Use the research.
After the research succeeds, they will delete the website information. But the idea of ​​experts is the opposite.

Over the past week, there has been a trends showing how to make their own pictures with Facebook through different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other phaisapps. This trend fluttered
15 million people in the world.

Did you know what permissions do you have to use the app ?? I know many people did not know but after knowing this you have your head okay?

Do you know the website information of 15 million people is now close to phisap | And if they want, these information can do whatever they want.

You have publicly allowed them to take your name and picture. If you want to use Facebook, you can use it for any purpose.

Many people think that the app is going to be used like this? But to use it to give website information along with its name, pictures, no one has paid attention to it.

We did not even learn from Cambridge Analytics. If so, then we would not have given it to the third party by knowing its own website information.

However, the Facebook developer says it is not very dangerous

May Because they say that RND work will clear the information within the last 48 hours. But users will not have to do anything if not deleted. Because they say that they can do the information they want.

However, these phenomena will not be misused by phaisappa
It has been reported. The organization says that they submit the information to their servers
It’s right. But they will be removed after using them for research.

But do you remember the kind of British company Cambridge Analykt ?? The company acted as a third party app in Facebook and captured about 80 million people and then used it during the 2016 presidential election of the US president.

So this is not the case with the phaisap companies but it can not be said.

So those who have given their own website information, they are sitting in a penny. And those who have not yet stepped into this hole, they have a little sense of brother

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