How To Add Facebook Page To blog| create facebook page Your Blogger name

How To Add Facebook Page To blog| create facebook page Your Blogger name
create facebook

How To Add Facebook Page To Your Blog create Facebook is a very easy way to drive traffic to our blog. Many times we see some websites go to the side or down to facebook pages. If we do this then one of the benefits of Visitors Direct from our blog will be able to like our page. When we share the blog post on the Facebook page, the Visitors will come back to the blog after seeing the new post on our website, so today we will discuss how the Facebook page adds to the blog or how the Facebook Like Box adds. It’s a very easy process so let’s get started. 

How To Add Facebook Page To your blog

  1. Click on the link to go to the create Facebook Developer page first: facebook
  2. Link to your page here at create Facebook Page URL. If logging in, you will check the URL shows. You can see the preview below after adding the URL.
  3. Tabs – If the timeline is written here, remove it if you do not want to do the timeline show and type Hide there.Width / Height – Here the size of the page should be written according to the sitebar of your blog. Or Height 150 / Width 300.
  4. Use Small Header-√ It would be better if you didn’t give it.
    Hide Cover Photo- √
    Show Friends Faces-√
    Adapt to Plugin Container-√

Click on Get Code below to sort them out.create facebook 3

  • See the picture
    Now click on Iframe. Copy all the code here.
  • Now go straight to your blog
    Click on Layout to reach the Blog Dashboard, then click Add a gategetcreate facebook
  • Click HTML / JavaScript. Now, by typing Facebook on the empty box and pasting the code below, save it.create facebook
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This time you have not seen how your facebook likes page.
Hope you have worked, but if you have any problems then please comment below.

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