Add to the bottom of each post on the Blogger blog facebook button like & dislike

Add to the bottom of each post on the Blogger blog facebook button like & dislike

Add Like & Dislike facebook button at the bottom of each post!

Like and dislike is one of the most interesting things we all use on Facebook, but we do not like to be liked on Facebook button, but the widget that you call today will share with you like you like YouTube Like Dislikes. The most interesting thing about this kind of button is that you can use the style you like, in your blogger blogspot blog. If I did not see this facebook button demo from the bottom, I used it myself, even in this post today, let’s see how you use it on your blog.

Many people ask why this is like using the difflex button. It is completely free to use it. Your blog’s visitor will increase or be of any other benefit. Using this, you can understand how many likes and how much you liked your post. That’s the main work.

How to Add Like & Dislike Button to Blogger Blog!

First you login your blogger from the dashboard, click Template and Edit HTML and press CTRL + F on your keyboard to search the following tags.

<data: post.body />

Blogger blog facebook button like & dislike

If you find the tag above, copy the code below and paste it just below the one you will get first.

<span class="likebtn-wrapper" data-identifier="likeButton1"></span>
<script>(function(d,e,s){if(d.getElementById("likebtn_wjs"))return;a=d.createElement(e);m=d.getElementsByTagName(e)[0];a.async=1;"likebtn_wjs";a.src=s;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a, m)})(document,"script","//");</script>

After installing the above code, you can search again the same tag again. The second time you will see this tag: <data: post.body /> Now put the code above this tag in the same way.

But at the beginning of the code and the last <br/> I hope to use it.

If you have any problem, then comment below, if you like the post, share it with friends. Stay healthy Stay healthy. Assalamu Alaikum

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