Android’s battery saver extends life to 15 functions

Android’s battery saver extends life to 15 functions

One of the important things about the smartphone is the battery. Battery saver life is equally important in all areas whether your smartphone, Android, Windows or iPhone. Usually, high-end devices do not charge more than one day. So let’s see how you can increase the battery life of your device.

  1. If your device has an OLED, AMOLED or Super AMOLED display, Bright Wallpaper and Themes will expire at least 20% of your device charge very quickly. So it’s best to use a little dark back ground on the device homescreen. It will save the battery.
  2. Along with the Dark Home screen on Amoled Display-rich devices, you can use dark wallpapers in the app drawer and a few dark themes in the various launchers, of course your battery will be saved.
  3. Now come to the words of Auto Brightness. There is a misconception among many that the charge is higher when using auto brightness. But this idea is completely wrong. Because when you put Auto Byteness on your device, the needless display has many brights, which results in higher charges. In this case, instead of Auto Brightness, you set the Low Brightness to your needs.
  4. Another feature of the Android device that reduces your battery charge is Vibration. When the call arrives and the phone vibrates due to haptic feedback. Also, many people have vibration on the keyboard, so the device vibrates repeatedly while typing. And the charge required for this vibration comes from your battery. So if you turn off vibration, the battery charge will save a lot. Go to Settings> Sound and turn off vibrate when ringing and Vibrate on touch options.
  5. If you expect a good battery saver backup from your device, you should always use an original battery. If for some reason your original battery is wasted, a good battery must be chosen when buying a new battery. Your device will be fine even if it costs a little more money.
  6. We are all familiar with the display timeout options. The display timeout function is to control how often your device is turned off once you’ve turned it on. As we all know, Android devices usually charge the most for display. Because one of the statistics shows that a user turns on the screen more than 3 times a day. So the longer your device is on the screen, the more it will charge. So if you reduce the display timeout, enough battery will be saved. Usually it’s best to set the display timeout to 15 seconds.
  7. Many devices have “sleep times” and Samsung devices have an option called “blocking mode”. These options allow you to offset your device’s data connection, WiFi, phone vibration, etc. for a certain period of time. So you can use this option to save the battery.
  8. Samsung devices have some smart features like air gestures, smart scrolling etc. This feature costs a great deal to charge your device. So when you do not need these features, it is best to turn off the smart features.
  9. We usually use data connection and WiFi for Bluetooth, NFC and Internet to exchange files on Android devices. But GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi must turn off when needed. In addition, please also turn off location data when needed.
  10. It is best to use the default widgets on the device on the lockscreen. Because it does not require the use of a separate app for the widget, which will be refreshed regularly using your data connection and will incur charges.
  11. Many times we use different widgets for customizing the homescreen and others. You can remove unnecessary widgets from the home screen to battery saver.
  12. We often do not feel the need to update the apps installed on the device. Because many people think updating an app means unnecessary data consumption. The idea is normal, because in our country, the data on the Internet data plans do not match the price. Update your device’s apps, no matter what the data costs. This is because developers have updated the app so that it runs on your device without any problems and costs less.
  13. Most of the devices currently on the market have power saving mode or other battery management options. Symphony and Walton users, especially in our country, will find options on your device if you notice a little. These options can greatly help you in saving the battery saver.
  14. Different custom ROMs have the option of overclocking or underclocking the CPU. You can reduce the battery consumption of your device by underclocking the CPU.
  15. If auto-sync is turned on for your device, turn it off. This is because your device’s Google account is refreshed every 5 minutes when auto-sync is on. So go to Device Settings> Google Account and turn off auto-sync.
  16. The latest tips are to turn off the Google Play Store auto update on your device. Update the apps manually as needed.

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